Ernie G

ErnieG“The G Jams” hosted by Ernie G
Saturdays 1p-5pm

Ernie Gee went to Milwaukee Lincoln High School where he played basketball, football and baseball. He also played the trumpet in marching band and concert band. Ernie was popular in high school winning the crown of Junior Prom Prince and danced his way to winning Lincoln’s talent show dancing like James Brown. After high school he went on to the University of Sevens Point where he studied Communications. His love for music started at an early age. He started his career in radio carrying records for the disc jocks at 860 WNOV.

Then in 1977 Ernie got his chance to host an R&B and Hip-Hop show at WNOV. In 1980 Ernie got promoted to Music & Program Director at WNOV and helped numerous national and local radio personalities jump start their career including Homer Blow, Earl Stokes, Wayne CK, Wolf D, Rob Hardy, Dave TJ, Kevin Buchanan, Black Cherry, Chris Levy, Dellio “The Dude” and others. Over the years Ernie has worked for Beechwood, a distributor of the Anheuser Busch Corporation, O.I. C. and Maxinmus. In 1997 Ernie left WNOV and started his Saturday Jam Session at 1290 WMCS. Ernie has been a Disc Jock at parties, night clubs and on the air in radio for over 34 years. He has won numerous awards over the years including National Program Director of The Year in 1989 and the 25th Annual Black Excellence Award in 2010. Ernie currently works at The Word of Hope Ministries as an Employment Specialist while working at WNOV part-time.

Favorite Food: Chicken, T – bone steak, mustard & turnip greens, corn bread, corn and peach cobbler
Leisure Activities: I enjoy traveling, coaching basketball and baseball and fishing.
Favorite Artist: Dramatics
Favorite Talk Show & Host: The Evening Rush and Earl Ingram
Most Memorable Interview: When I talked to Frankie Beverly and Maze
Most Memorable Moment: My 30th Anniversary with Chi-lites
Favorite Sayings: Don’t talk about your neighbors. Talk with them because together we stand tall. Divided, we all will fall. You see I get my trills from those who may not love me.