Medical Marijuana Bill

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Rep-Chris-Taylor_860wnov“This Bill creates a medical use defense to such marijuana regulated prosecutions and forfeiture actions for persons who are registered with the Department of Health Services as having specified debilitating medical conditions or treatments.”

Mary: So, if you are not registered with the Department of Health Services, or are healthy and use Cannabis, you are still considered a criminal under this Bill, correct?

State Representative Chris Taylor: Yes

Mary: 8 states have Fully Legalized Cannabis and the Industry is exploding faster than the smart phone boom, yet 1,000,000’s of our fellow American’s are still suffering in prison and thousands of families and lives have been destroyed due to this continued War on Drugs. Why don’t we just join the other states and Fully legalize Cannabis for medicinal and recreation? This would allow us to set our so called “Criminals” free to become “Capitalists” like we consider the entrepreneurs to be in the 8 states?

Chris: Given the composition of this legislature, they are never, ever going to vote to legalize marijuana recreationally. We can’t even get a hearing for this Bill, which is so restrictive, so if you can get these Republicans to act, I’m with you sister! But they are never going to. Unless we change who is in power at the Capital, which I hope to God we do, we are not going to be able to move these policies forward.

Mary: Social justice aside, how can anyone in office continue to ignore the proven billion-dollar Cannabis Industry considering we are in an economic crisis in healthcare, education and transportation?

Chris: You can’t believe it gets ignored at the Capital! I’m telling you, the public is not being heard. And not just on this issue! They just gave 3 billion dollars to a Taiwanese billionaire! They do not listen to the people of the State. So, the people need to rise up and go to the voting booth and vote these people out!

Mary: Wisconsin’s CBD Oil Bill was a big mistake. We can only consume it but not produce it, so we are unable to make any money on it. How will this Bill protect Wisconsinites from missing out on profiting from this billion dollar industry?

Chris: There is a really big interest in small business development in the Cannabis Industry. This Bill is very much an entrepreneur Bill because it allows private and public entities to grow, sell and distribute medical marijuana if they are licensed by the state.

Mary: The Full Legalization Bill that Melissa Sargent is championing was written by Wisconsinites. Who wrote this Bill?

Chris: This Bill has been around for over a decade. We have revised it over the years by looking at best practices and have crafted a really tight model to address the medical needs of our citizens. We started with medical marijuana because we know there are people suffering who need to go buy marijuana illegally and risk being criminalized just to get what makes them feel better.

Mary: Will you have to live in Wisconsin to apply for a license?

Chris: No, but that’s a good idea. We can revise the Bill again.

Mary: Once the State has determined an organization qualifies for a license, will they be allowed to own more than one?

Chris: Yes. You will be able to own multiple dispensaries, but you will have to have a license for each. There will be a 250$ application fee and a $5000 annual fee for each license and the license is valid until it is revoked.

Mary: Who will decide who gets the licenses?

Chris: The State will set up a licensing committee like they have for other industries.

Mary: Matt Flynn has announced his run for Governor and is making Cannabis legalization one of his main issues. Do you think this will change Walker’s position?

Chris: No. We need to change the administration if we want to legalize Cannabis. I think Matt is going to do very well by making this one of his main issues.

Mary: What can the average person do to help legalize Cannabis?

Chris: The public is way ahead of the people representing them. 90% of Wisconsinites would like to see medical marijuana in our state. And our public opinion will continue to evolve to recreation, but it is going to take people speaking out all over the state and demanding the policymakers listen to them.

Mary: Look into your crystal ball. When will this Bill pass?

Chris: My wish is that we could pass it next year. But nothing is going to change until we have a change in legislature. But the good news is we are getting into an election cycle in 2018. So, make sure when you go to the ballot, you are voting for the people who want to legalize Cannabis, and then make sure you ask them what they are going to do to make it a reality and demand they follow through.

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