Ras Joel Johnson

“International Roots Rock Reggae Melt Down”
Hosted by Ras Joel Johnson
Saturdays 6pm – 9pm

The Show

International Roots Rock Reggae Meltdown is three hours of 100% pure roots and culture reggae music. This is the only place on the radio where you will find your favorite song by artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Waller, Third World, Jimmy Cliff, Rita Marley and Marley’s family and many more. Ras Joel brings you the best of reggae music latest hits, as well as those classic reggae hits throwing in a little reggae soul style, dance hall 101 style. Dub wise style.

International Roots Rock Reggae Meltdown main objective is to promote love, peace and unity through music as well as educate, entertainment, inspire and enlighten the hearts, minds, and spirits with lyrics that send a powerful message of “One Love.”

About Ras Joel Johnson

Johnson is a retired Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) teacher who continues to work as a substitute teacher for MPS. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in education and community human services at the University of Wisconsin­Oshkosh. He graduated from Milwaukee Lincoln High School.

For over 35 years Ras Joel has hosted reggae music programs on the Milwaukee airwaves and on the internet.
Ras Joel started his radio career hosting Exodus Reggae show on WYMS 89 fm from 1978-1982. In 1985 he worked with fraternity brother Sam Henley who made WNOV 860am a 24 hour radio station. I worked the night shift at WNOV 860am from 1985-2008 off and on.

Ras Joel and Sam Henley produce and promoted reggae international artist such as Third World, Burning Spear, Andrew Tosh, Mutabaruka, Michael Rose, Yellowman, Jimmy Cliff, Wailers Band, Israel Vibration, Sister Carol and many other reggae artist at shows in Madison, WI and Milwaukee, WI.

Birthday: Aug 17
Favorite Food: Vegan
Favorite Artists: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Waller
Favorite Saying: One love, true, work smart play hard.