Rev. Charles Green

Pastor_CharlesGreenPastor Charles Green “The Gospel Pilot”
Saturdays 6am – 8am & Sundays 6am – 5pm

Pastor Green has been Pastoring in Milwaukee for the past ten years. Formulating the Another Chance Baptist Church in 2003. Pastor Green was licensed in 1992 and ordained by the Great Faith Progressive Baptist Church, by the late Pastor Benjamin Nabors .For a nmnber of years Pastor Green Pastored the Macedonia Baptist
Church , but eventually departed and restablished Another Chance MBC.

Pastor Green also serves as Gospel Music director for radio station WNOV for the past two years, he has been a popular radio host for WNOV for the past 16 years and MC for all of the major Gospel talents for a number of years. Pastor Green is also associated with a local limousine service. A devout Family man with wife Stephanie and 5 children and a host of grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Pastor Green still seems to manage to go and visit the sick, go into the prisons to visit, also into the nmsing homes, not just for his members, but unto all who are in need of a Prayer or visit.Pastor Green is called THE GOSPEL PILOT, but he says he is just a servant ,A nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save anybody.