Why People Vote Today in Milwaukee

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By Senator Tammy Baldwin – 

Early voting has started in Milwaukee, and I couldn’t be more excited that folks from across the city are using their votes to make their voices heard and stand up for what they believe in.

Last week on the north side, I was joined by Mandela Barnes, who is running for Lieutenant Governor, Mayor Tom Barrett, and Alderman Cavalier Johnson to encourage people to get organized and cast their early vote.

On the south side, my friends State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa and Alderman Jose Perez joined in on the fun.

And at UWM, student leaders gathered on campus to make sure young Milwaukeeans were early voting too.

At each event, people came up to me and shared why they were early voting.

For some on the north side, they knew their health care was on the line.

I am fighting for every Wisconsinite who is battling cancer, living with diabetes or has a pre-existing condition and needs affordable health care. As I’m fighting to protect Obamacare and keep those with pre-existing conditions covered, my opponent Leah Vukmir is siding with big insurance companies and pushing to fully repeal Obamacare.

A family I met on the south side wanted to make sure families just like theirs wouldn’t be separated. That’s why I support comprehensive immigration reform that doesn’t separate families. My opponent, Leah Vukmir, said that she wants family separations to continue. I simply can’t support that.

And at UWM, I met young people full of hope and potential who just want a fair shot to build a better future for themselves without suffocating debt and with a real opportunity to start a career. I’m leading the charge for debt-free education and I’ve introduced legislation to allow struggling borrowers to refinance their student debt at lower rates. Leah Vukmir, however, supports dismantling the Department of Education and voted against allowing Wisconsinites to refinance their student loans.

And that’s what early voting is all about. With the stakes this high, there is no time to wait to make your voice heard.

So, just like your neighbors that I’ve met recently, I’m asking you to find your reason to early vote—and then find your local early polling place.

For some, it’s about health care. For others it’s about good-paying jobs. Whatever your reason, it’s important to vote—and if you vote early, you can then help others in Milwaukee make their voices heard too.

So make a commitment to early vote today. Here’s how:

Today you can early vote at three locations in Milwaukee:

• Zeidler Municipal Building, 841 N. Broadway
• Midtown Center, 5700 W. Capitol Dr. (located west of Pick ‘n Save)
• Mitchell Street Library, 906 W. Historic Mitchell St.

Each location is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

And on Monday, Oct. 15, even more early voting locations will open at the Zablocki Library on Oklahoma Ave., the Center Street Library on Fond du Lac Ave., the Mill Road Library on 76th St., the UWM Peck School of the Arts-Helene Zelazo Center on Kenwood Blvd. and at MATC for students there.

The best part is that voting is easy, and you can even register to vote right at these locations too. All you have to do is bring your photo ID.

But if you do have any questions about this voting process, go ahead and call the Voter Protection Hotline at (414) 998-0400.

Source: Milwaukee Courier
Photo By: Politico.com