Kaliyah Wheeler’s fun taste in colors reflects in her designs. (Photo courtesy 7 Scooops by the Ice Kream Klub)

If there’s one word to describe Kaliyah Wheeler, it’s vibrant.

The 6-year-old smiles from ear-to-ear as she colors in designs on her tablet. Her favorite color is blue, and she loves every ice cream flavor. Her giggles are enchanting and it matches her outfit. The bright pink and blue sweat suit pairs perfectly with a fresh set of white and gum tennis shoes.

While it might seem like her parents set her up with a great outfit, Kaliyah actually designed it herself.

When she’s not attending 5K at Congress Elementary, she is designing patterns and color schemes for her clothing line, “7 Scooops by The Ice Kream Klub.”

“I just like all the colors, the rainbow,” Kaliyah said.

Tilela Eason, Kaliyah’s mother, said she never thought she’d be helping her daughter run a clothing line.

“I’m not into fashion, so the colors and design is all her,” Eason said

She said her daughter started to really get into coloring around 3-years-old. She used the brightest colors, and her doodles centered around her favorite frozen treat—ice cream.

Kaliyah Wheeler is not your ordinary 6-year-old. She’s the CEO and designer of her own clothing line. (Photo courtesy 7 Scooops by the Ice Kream Klub)

Eason saw her daughter’s infatuation with colors and patterns. She eventually bought her a tablet to digitally color and design.

“What kid doesn’t love to color? [But] she kept coming up with all these pictures and it didn’t make sense at first, but after a while we caught on,” Eason said.

Fast forward three years later, and 7 Scooops by the Ice Kream Klub has touched on everything from jogging suits and footwear, to headphones and phone cases. Every colorway and design are approved by the 6-year-old herself.

“It’s by kids for kids,” Kaliyah said.

The ice cream flavored clothing line was also created to give kids an opportunity to rock designer clothes and shoes for affordable prices.

“We always want to make sure to cater to those that can’t afford the high price, but love the colors and types of shoes,” Eason said.

7 Scooops by the Ice Kream Klub is currently sold online, but Eason said they were working on getting the brand into retail stores.

“We’re just trying to get it out there for the world to see,” Eason said.

Kaliyah’s imagination doesn’t just run, it sprints. The young CEO immerses her bubbly attitude into her clothing line, and its 100 percent her own. There is no other route than up.

“When your kids come to you, and they act something out, you’re not sure if you can bring it to life. Now that it’s real, we’re very excited and can’t wait to see what’s going to happen,” Eason said.

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