By Nyesha Stone – 

Plugged In-1-860-wnovGarahbrie Wesley and Keynen Butler wanted to bring some of their hometown’s culture to their school, so they created Plugged In.

Wesley and Butler were born and raised in Milwaukee, and now attend University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Since they were both Radio, TV, and Film majors they decided to pitch for their own TV show.

Now that it’s the end of the semester, and they have recorded their last episode, Wesley and Butler had a party to celebrate their season.

Plugged In’s Showcase was held at their school in Reeve Union’s Titan Underground on April 28.

Their TV show featured talent from Milwaukee, Madison, Oshkosh and more. Wesley and Butler had a few of their TV guests perform at the showcase, and it turned out to be a big success, said Wesley and Butler.

Plugged In-1-860-wnovIt was Wesley’s idea to throw the showcase because she wanted incorporate her public relations skills into the show.  After recording Plugged In’s third episode, Wesley started planning for the showcase—it was a two-month process.

“I was really scared nobody was going to show up,” Wesley said. “When people started coming through the door I kind of loosened up.”

Just like on set, Wesley hosted the showcase and Butler did the behind the scenes work.

They said they were both proud of the work they put in this semester.

“I just wanted to show as a community, we could put something together that’s positive and peaceful,” Butler said.

Wesley and Butler made sure they had artists, vendors, food and even a live DJ to make sure their showcase had everything.

“We brought a certain culture to campus and that’s needed,” Butler said.

On campus, there aren’t many places for artist to gather and perform, so Wesley and Butler created one.

This Plugged In-1-860-wnovwas the year of new things for these two. They ran their first TV show and threw their first event. Around this same time next year, Wesley and Butler hope to be recording season two of Plugged In.

From their major, they were awarded “Best Television Show” and “Best Show Opening,” the day after their showcase.

They know if they can do once, they can do it again.

“[Now] I know what I wanna do as far as getting people to show up,” said Wesley.

They’re both juniors at UWO and are proud of their decision to choose Oshkosh because where else would they have their own television show?

Their junior year is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean their hard work is going to stop. Wesley will be interning at Copy Write Magazine and will be working at the National Association of Black Journalist convention in August. Butler will be working on putting together is own production team—he recorded his first music video a few weeks ago.

They didn’t give too many details on season 2 of Plugged In, but there will be all new artist and a new set theme.

Only local places in Oshkosh can watch Plugged In live, which is why these two posted each episode on YouTube.

So, stay tuned and never unplug.

Source: Milwaukee Courier
Photos by: Nyesha Stone