Congresswoman Gwen Moore, voting at an official Milwaukee ballot drop box location outside the Milwaukee Public Library Atkinson Branch. (Photo by Karen Stokes)

It’s been said that the 2020 election will be the most important election of our lifetime. Wisconsin is a pivotal battleground state with key state elections also on the ballot. Our voices need to be heard.

To vote in Wisconsin there are a few options: absentee mail-in voting, in-person absentee early voting and in-person voting on Election Day. Early voting is available starting Tuesday, Oct. 20 through Sunday, Nov. 1. Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Tuesday afternoon Congresswoman Gwen Moore, the first African American elected to Congress from the State of Wisconsin, cast her absentee mail-in ballot at an official Milwaukee ballot drop box location outside the Milwaukee Public Library Atkinson Branch, 1960 W. Atkinson Ave.

“I’m in remission from lymphoma and I really think that being in line on Election Day may impair my health,” Moore said. “I’m glad there are options, I can just go right here and put my ballot in this box and not worry about crowds on Election Day.”

Mail-in absentee voting can be a safe way to vote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congresswoman Moore discusses what’s at stake with the 2020 presidential election (Photo by Karen

Moore discussed what’s at stake in the election and the future. Moore explained that she believes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to bring great results in terms of reframing criminal justice, housing, creating opportunities for Black businesses and wages.

“We can’t continue to pretend that $7.25 is enough money to live on. I really believe this election is about making sure people have healthcare and their kids having educational opportunities.”

A new Marquette Law School poll of likely Wisconsin voters found little change in preference or attitudes following the first presidential debate and after President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19. In the new poll, Biden is the choice of 46% of likely voters and Trump is supported by 41%.

Voting is an important, civic responsibility you should do for yourself, your community and the country. Voters around America are not just voting for the president but seats in  House of Representatives and Senate and governors. These decisions will impact our lives for the future.

“I’m urging everyone to get out and vote. It’s really easy,” said Moore.

Go to for more information for polling locations and ballot drop off sites.