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Things to do with children

Activities for Kids

Brain games

  • KiwiCo – Monthly subscription boxes with STEAM-driven projects ($20 a month), ages 0-14.
  • Khan Academy Kids – Free, fun educational app for kids 2-7. They created daily schedules and curriculum while your kids are home.
  • Homer – Educational app for kids ages 2-8 (free 30-day trial available, $9.99/month)
  • Kodable – App that teaches kids the basics of coding, for ages 4-10 (free 7-day trial, $6.99/monthly) 
  • Tynker – Coding app for ages 5+ (free during school closure)
  • Epic! – Digital library app, reads to kids as needed ($7.99/month)
  • BrainPop – Video-based educational app (free access during school closures)
  • Participate in a reading challenge
  • TodoMath – Math app for grades Pre-K to 2 ($69.99/year)
  • Prodigy – Math app for grades 1-8 ($8.95/month)
  • Splash Learn – Math app for grades K-5 (free version available)
  • MentalUp – Games for attention, concentration, memory, logic and more, for kids ages 4-13 (free version available)
  • YouTube Learning – Huge educational video library covering a broad array of topics (free)
  • Scholastic Learning From Home – Day-by-day educational projects for grades Pre-K – 6 (free)  
  • Mystery Science – Easy science lessons for grades K-5 (free during school closure)
  • National Museum of Mathematics – Great line-up of virtual events (free and paid options)
  • ABCmouse.com – free online curriculum for kids ages 2-8 with code AOFLUNICEF
  • Adventure Academy – online curriculum for kids ages 8-13 (first month free), or start here with code SCHOOL7771
  • Prodigies Music – web and app streaming music curriculum (3 weeks free, then $13.99/mo)
  • Vooks – web and app streaming read alouds of children’s books (30 days free, then $4.99/mo)
  • Education.com – printable worksheets and lessons plans for preschool – 5th grade (currently 50% off, $42/year)
  • Listen to an educational podcast – try Wow in the World! if you like science, Stories Podcast or Circle Round to hear a story, or Noodle Loaf to learn about music.

Getting the energy out

  • GoNoodle – Movement and mindfulness videos (free)
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – YouTube channel with yoga-based workouts (free)
  • Yogi Beans – Online streaming (14 day free trial, then $14.99/mo)
  • Scavenger hunts (free printouts)
  • Go on a treasure hunt – Tell them to hide something and create a treasure map for you to find it. Block off 30 min. so you can go on the treasure hunt together.
  • Headspace for Kids – Meditation (2 week free trial, $69.99/year)
  • 7 minute workout for kids – High intensity interval training for kids ages 7-13

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