Ribbon cutting for the re-opening of Gee’s MKE Wellness Clinic (Photo/CBS 58)

On Friday, Gee’s Clippers celebrated their grand re-opening with partners Network Health and Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin to unveil ‘Gee’s MKE Wellness Clinic.’

Gee’s MKE Wellness Clinic, is a community clinic located inside Gee’s Clippers, 2200 N MLK, Jr Drive, in Milwaukee’s Bronzeville community that experiences significant healthcare disparities.

The collaboration between Gee’s MKE Wellness Clinic, Network Health and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin demonstrates a dedication to the health and wellness of the Milwaukee community.

Gee’s MKE Wellness Clinic (Photo/Karen Stokes)

“As a new clinic partner, Network Health will focus on community engagement with a weekly clinical presence,” said CEO/President of Network Health Coreen Dicus-Johnson. “Network Health and Froedtert will be here each and every Friday to make sure we are connecting with Gee’s customers with the tools needed to live a healthy life.”

This weekly clinic will offer free clinical services such as blood pressure checks, blood glucose monitoring, and general health education. Network Health will provide health coaching, drug education, and connect clients to wellness resources. The clinic will also address housing, food insecurities, and education opportunities, including G.E.D. pursuit.

Former Green Bay Packer Donald Driver, who serves as an ambassador for Network Health, was present to emphasize that, “It takes a village to build a community.”

Former Green Bay Packer Donald Driver (Photo/Karen Stokes)

Gaulien “Gee” Smith, founder and owner of Gee’s Clippers is optimistic about the partnership, “I see some amazing things happening with this partnership.”

Froedtert & MCW health network’s executive director of community engagement, Andy Dresang said, “I want to thank Gee for his decision to bring this to life for us, it’s going to be awesome to see how this continues to grow.”

Froedtert & MCW health network’s executive director of community engagement, Andy Dresang, Donald Driver, Gaulien Smith and Network Health president and CEO, Coreen Dicus-Johnson (Photo/Karen Stokes)

Smith revealed the reason behind his decision to start the clinic, “I decided to do the clinic about three years ago because my dad died of colon cancer, he was diagnosed with colon cancer about 30 days prior to his passing. He never got a colonoscopy. From what I understand is that colon cancer is a preventable cancer. My dad was 62 years old, he was young. I would like to think if there was a Gee’s MKE Wellness Clinic around in 2006 my dad would probably still be here.”

“We’re going to do what we can to offset the health disparities that plague our community and hopefully we can continue saving lives,” Smith said.