By Nyesha Stone – 

Standing inside the Sherman Phoenix—located at 3536 W. Fond Du Lac Ave— and looking around at what the future of Milwaukee looks like, is unbelievable. It’s not only a space that provides a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive, but it’s a safe space right in the inner-city that will bring money back into the Black neighborhoods.

Co-Owner of The Juice Kitchen Joanne Sabir and President of Fix Development Juli Kaufmann spearheaded the Sherman Phoenix project, and now they’ll be opening its door on Nov. 30.

The Purple Door’s unique design is sure to attract a new crowd of customers. (Photo by Nyesha Stone)

Milwaukee is proving yet again what can happen when we all come together.

Wisconsin Governor-elect Tony Evers visited the Sherman Phoenix site to see its true greatness in person and to learn more about the development.

According to Kaufmann, what started out as a one-business idea, turned into a space that will host 28 businesses.

“We kept responding to the demand,” said Kaufmann.

As Evers walked in, he stopped to a take moment to look around before asking any questions.

The basement of the building contains pictures of the Sherman Phoenix’s process from beginning to end. (Photo by Nyesha Stone)

Purple Door Ice Cream is one of the Sherman Phoenix tenants. It’s owned by Lauren and Steve Schultz, who’ve been in business since April 2011, according to their site.

Evers had eventually asked one of the workers “where do you make your ice cream?” The worker replied that the ice cream is made at their first location at 205 S. 2nd St.

Every inch of the building was used to accommodate for the high demand of businesses wanting to reside inside the building, with businesses on all floors, even the basement. (Photo by Nyesha Stone)

It was a very intimate visit with Evers, Sabir, Kaufmann, and Sabir’s husband Mannan. They spoke quietly and in detail about the space and all it has to offer.

“We’re evening the playing field,” said Kaufmann about Sherman Phoenix breaking the barrier between the Black community and expanding or attaining a business.

Although Sabir didn’t say much, her hard work speaks for itself. Thanks to an idea she had, all of the Milwaukee will be benefiting from this new edition to the city.

The Sherman Phoenix opens Nov. 30. To find out more visit their site at

Source: Milwaukee Courier