Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton

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In order to establish peace, you must have fair justice for everyone. ~Al Sharpton


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Rev. Al Sharpton, the esteemed founder and President of the National Action Network (NAN), a prominent civil rights organization headquartered in Harlem, New York, boasts over 47 chapters nationwide. Renowned as one of the nation’s foremost civil rights leaders, Sharpton has garnered praise from Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, earning accolades for his unwavering commitment to justice and equality. Recently featured on the cover of Newsweek Magazine, Sharpton’s influence has been likened to that of a transformative force, with The Wall Street Journal recognizing his evolution from a premier protest politician to a pragmatic political figure. Additionally, he has been celebrated in publications like Ebony Magazine and New York Magazine, further solidifying his status as a significant figure in American politics. Sharpton’s impactful career spans advocacy for education reform, activism against racial injustice, and championing human rights causes, all rooted in his deep-seated religious convictions. From his early days as a youth director with the SCLC Operation Breadbasket to his instrumental role in landmark cases such as the Jena Six and Sean Bell, Sharpton’s legacy as a tireless advocate for marginalized communities continues to shape American discourse and inspire change.