DJ L. Boogie

DJ L. Boogie


Saturdays | 9pm-12am

I love to witness one's struggle to make it, rather than the success or failure of one’s journey.

ABOUT DJ L. Boogie

DJ L. Boogie, a native of the city of Milwaukee, WI, landed his first job as a golf caddy. He honed his people skills and embraced a positive attitude towards work. His Step Up Coordinator’s recommendation led him to become a Professional Ball Boy for the Milwaukee Bucks during high school, where the pulsating music in the arena sparked a newfound passion for collecting music and immersing himself in hip-hop culture. Inspired by his experiences at house parties and the electrifying atmosphere of basketball games, he embarked on a journey to become a DJ. Under the mentorship of local legend Dr. B at B-Boy Productions, he acquired the necessary skills to unleash DJ L. Boogie, who sees DJing as a rhythmic dance of sound rather than just playing songs.