Sandra Silk

Sandra Silk


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Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations. ~Dr. Mae Jemison

ABOUT Sandra Silk

The legendary Sandra Silk is a seasoned radio announcer for over 25 years and voice over-talent.  As a free-lance Deejay Sandra has played for major corporations, private organizations, and dignitaries like:  The Democratic fundraiser for President Bill Clinton, Harley Davidson’s 100th Anniversary, Juneteenth Day, The MOM” S Tour VIP Kamala Harris’s initiative, The Fellowship Open Golf Tournament, Greek organizations etc.   Since childhood Sandra has been enthusiast about her passion for music.  Sandra came from a very music influenced home.  Her mom sang gospel in the choir and her brother’s singing group was signed to the STAX Label in Memphis Tennessee where she would watch them at rehearsal.  Sandra and her family are from Memphis, but she grew up in Milwaukee.  

“When I’m not organizing my music library, I enjoy spending time laughing and having good fun with my husband Marshall our families and friends; they are truly the joy of my life.”