Keyon Jackson-Malone is a Milwaukee native and a product of the Milwaukee Public School System studying broadcast and broadcast journalism at John Marshall High School and receiving his diploma in 1995 from Custer High School. In 2012 Jackson-Malone accepted an internship position as a board operator and engineer with WNOV 860AM. After battling with personal dramas, traumas, and mental health experiences, this opportunity sparked a new life of passion for community engagement and human service work. In April of 2015, Jackson-Malone began a collaboration with legendary Milwaukee talk radio host Eric Von, on the Eric von show. During this time Jackson-Malone was mentored by Von and was able to master his skills in on-air radio production and personality broadcasting. After Von’s passing in 2016, Jackson-Malone took over the “The Man Show” and reprogrammed the show to become one of Milwaukee’s leading community-based radio platforms. A genuine soapbox-megaphone for the African-American community. Aside from radio Jackson-Malone is also the founder of the Village Group. Established in 2017 the Village Group focuses on revitalizing central city neighborhoods while restoring foundational cultural heritage and positive environments to help the city grow.

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