Lafayette Crump from this week’s B2B Construction Industry Forum which he participated in. (Picture by Xavier Johnson – Johnson Media Consulting)

With the Democratic National Convention being less than a year away, a lot of local businesses are still wondering how they can get involved.

As the president of the local organizing committee for the 2020 DNC, Liz Gilbert has repeatedly stated that the host committee is committed to making sure the DNC shows the diversity that the city has. To further push those efforts, the host committee recently announced a new hire whose main focus is on diversity inclusion.

The host committee hired Chief Operating Officer of Prism Technical Management & Marketing in Milwaukee, Lafayette Crump as the vice president of diversity, vendor accountability and growth.

“We see achieving diversity as much more than waiting for it to happen,” said Crump.

He stated that the committee is focused on making sure that the entire DNC process, from the planning table to the actual event is diversified.

Holding the vendors accountable is one of Crump’s top priorities. He said if a vendor isn’t local, then the committee wants that vendor to partner with local businesses and entrepreneurs. He said it’s about making sure local businesses feel involved.

Crump said the committee wants to ensure that businesses who participate in the convention are better off than they were before the convention.

To be clear, the Milwaukee DNC 2020 host committee is separate from the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC). The host committee is in charge of putting on the convention. While the DNCC is in charge of organizing and planning the events that take place in the convention, and a few surrounding areas.

“We can’t have this be a convention that solely affects downtown,” he said. “[But,] we also need people to reach out to us.”

Although the host committee is being intentional on hiring diverse businesses, he said it’s also up to local businesses and entrepreneurs to come to them. If they have an idea or feel they can provide something to the convention, feel free to contact the host committee.

Crump is open to meeting with any local business to discuss potential involvement with the DNC.

“When we say, “where are you?’ You say, ‘we’re right here,’” said Crump.

According to Crump, hundreds of businesses have already registered at the Milwaukee DNC portal. This portal will be the list the DNC goes to when looking for businesses to work with.

“The time is now, if not before. Get those businesses registered,” he said.

To register your business, visit here