Milwaukee County Executive, David Crowley (Photo/Karen Stokes)

Sunday, November 5 marked one year until Election Day 2024.

The organization, Power to the Polls, in conjunction with community and elected leaders from Wisconsin, gathered at St. Gabriel’s, 5363 N 37th to address the crucial matters of voting rights and voter access.

“We’re here today because our voices are our power and we’re also here to say enough is enough. That’s why we have to unite like never before to overcome any efforts to undermine the integrity of our elections.” said Mandela Barnes, president of Power to the Polls Wisconsin.

Mayor Cavalier Johnson talks about voter integrity (Photo/Karen Stokes)

Voting Rights advocates are committed to protecting democracy and the Freedom to Vote Act.

The Freedom to Vote Act is a pro-voter legislation to strengthen our democracy, promote racial justice and equity for all Americans, block anti-voter efforts in the states and will help to protect voting rights. It has been introduced in the Senate but is currently stalled in a Senate committee.

“Then there’s the John R Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, the bill would modernize and revitalize the voting rights act of 1965,” said Reverend Greg Lewis, pastor at St. Gabriel’s Church. “It’s a shame that we still have to fight for the right to vote in this country.”

President of Power to the Polls Wisconsin, Mandela Barnes (Photo/Karen Stokes)

Senator Tammy Baldwin and US Representative Gwen Moore are advocates for these bills in Congress working to safeguard democracy in Wisconsin.

“We have one year to advocate and organize,” said Mayor Cavalier Johnson. “One year to win, one year to advocate, one year to support, one year to get out and organize, to let folks know about what is going to be on the ballot next year.”

Both Mayor Johnson and County Executive Crowley will be on the ballot in 2024. The Spring Primary is February 20th, and the Spring and Presidential Preference Election is April 2nd, 2024.

Reverend Greg Lewis, pastor, St Gabriel’s (Photo/Karen Stokes)

With a year left until the 2024 elections, it’s important to assess the current situation of our country and identify the key weaknesses according to election experts and voter advocates.

County Executive David Crowley added, “This is the most consequential election of our lifetime. The only way we change the trajectory of our community, of our state, of our country is by banning together.”