Judge Jill Karofsky (Photo provided by Jill for Justice)

The April 7 election will have an impact on generations to come. In addition to the Presidential Primary and various local elections, the people of Wisconsin will choose their next Supreme Court Justice.

We know that our criminal justice system actively works against black and brown people in Milwaukee. We need someone on the Supreme Court who understands us, who has a history advocating for the most vulnerable, and who will protect our civil rights. Judge Jill Karofsky will be that Supreme Court Justice we need.

Karofsky will advocate for every Wisconsinite on the court. No matter Black or white, Latinx or Asian, native or newcomer, you will be heard in Wisconsin’s highest court with her as a Justice.

She has experience protecting victims in our courts; she was the first-ever Wisconsin Violence Against Women Prosecutor and is the former Director of the Office of Crime Victim Services. Karofsky prioritizes the Constitution and all who enter her court.

We can’t emphasize enough just how important this election is. This is a seat held for 10 years; within those 10 years issues like redistricting, voting rights, and countless others will be decided by who we elect on April 7. Karofsky will rule on these issues as a fair, just, and impartial Justice, and that is why she has our vote.

This race is, in fact, a matter of civil rights and justice. Our civil rights and ability to vote need to remain protected by our Supreme Court.

Prior to being appointed to the Supreme Court by Scott Walker, Dan Kelly, the GOP’s candidate, defended our gerrymandered legislative redistricting maps. These are the same maps that were later found to violate the Voting Rights Act’s protection for Black, Indigenous, people of color and youth voters.

We have seen the effects of partisan gerrymandering and redistricting here in Milwaukee — it’s why Republicans in the legislature can easily ignore us, even preventing progress on key issues like health care, gun violence and climate change that the vast majority of the state supports.

That is why we need more fairness and impartiality in our Supreme Court — to ensure the Judicial branch will protect our rights.

Kelly is a politician, not a justice. He won’t stop corruption and he won’t be fair. During his short time on the Supreme Court, he refused to recuse himself from six cases that involved organizations he is personally connected to. And he ruled in their favor every single time.

Earlier this month, when our community was rocked by the Molson-Coors shooting, Dan Kelly showed us where his priorities are. He held a fundraiser just 26 hours after the shooting at a gun range, where various fundraising levels were named after types of ammunition. How can we expect Kelly to listen to the people of Milwaukee if he doesn’t take seriously the issues affecting our community?

Karofsky will ensure special interest and corporate dollars do not touch our courts. She is and will continue to be an independent Supreme Court Justice free from corruption, and will work to ensure civil rights and protections under the law for all Wisconsinites.

She is rooted in Wisconsin values and has the experience our Court needs. Karofsky was born and raised in south-central Wisconsin, attended our public schools, and graduated with a master’s degree and law degree from UW-Madison.

She knows Wisconsin because she’s been here.

Karofsky has three decades worth of experience in Wisconsin—at every level of our court systems. She has worked as the top Assistant Attorney General on violence against women cases, ran our state’s victim services programs, and served as a Dane County Circuit Court judge.

We need to elect a Justice who values justice, fairness, and civil rights.

We need to protect our Supreme Court for the next decade from corruption and special interest politicians.

We need Karofsky on our Supreme Court bench!

Vote Jill Karofsky for Justice for the April 7 election. In order to remain safe and healthy, we encourage all readers to request an absentee by mail ballot for this election. You can do so by going to