Wisconsin State Representative Gordon Hintz speaking at a rally held in front of Ron Johnson’s office in Oshkosh. (Photo by Wisdems)

This past week, WisDems participated in a national “Defend Choice” week of action, a national campaign from Democrats working to mobilize voters after the fall of federal abortion protections.

WisDems hosted two press events: a campaign event with Gov. Evers in Madison and a protest outside of Sen. Ron Johnson’s office in Oshkosh.

As part of a national “Defend Choice” week of action, Gov. Tony Evers, Rep. Lisa Subeck, and Dane County Supervisor April Kigeya spoke with Wisconsin voters to call out Republican attacks on abortion access and outline the stakes of the November elections.

Speakers underlined that reproductive rights are on the ballot in 2022 and that Democrats are energized to elect pro-choice candidates like Gov. Evers who will continue to fight for safe, legal abortion access in Wisconsin.

“We are at a critical time. I have never heard so much anger and concern on any issue as this. That’s what happens when, overnight, you take away and make every woman in the state of Wisconsin, including all seven of my granddaughters, second-class citizens,” said Governor Tony Evers.

Governor Tony Evers speaking to the public a Defend Choice gathering
(Photo/WORT News Department)

“I’m going to do everything I can to protect access to abortion because I don’t think a law that was written before the Civil War, or before women secured the right to vote, should be used to dictate these intimate decisions on reproductive health,” he added following the event.

State Representative Lisa Subeck said, “The stakes are high – abortion is on the ballot. And it’s not just abortion, it is about the freedom to make our own decisions about when and if we start a family. This has been a long time coming, Republicans engaged in a war on reproductive health care for years.”

Dane County Supervisor April Kigeya added, “The radical Republicans who are running against Governor Evers are as extreme and as divisive as they come. This election will be a referendum on Republicans’ ultra-MAGA and unpopular anti-choice agenda.”

On July 19, State Representatives Gordon Hintz and Kristina Shelton joined Wisconsin voters outside of Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh office to protest the senator’s attacks on abortion rights and Wisconsinites’ ability to make their own medical decisions.

“When the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade, Ron Johnson applauded the decision. And he not only celebrated this devastating loss, he bragged about his role. Let’s be clear: people across the country are going to die because they cannot access safe and legal abortion – and Ron Johnson is celebrating. Time and time again, Ron Johnson has proven that he isn’t working for the people of Wisconsin, and he only cares about his own ideological self interest,” said Hintz.

According to the latest poll of registered voters from Marquette Law School, which was conducted prior to the Dobbs decision, inflation was of the most concern with 75% of voters feeling “Very Concerned.” Abortion policy was cited as “very concerning” by 58% of voters.

On continuing to speak on a woman’s right to choose, Evers said, “This is important for the state of Wisconsin. This is a liberty issue, it’s a freedom issue. Here are Republicans talking about freedom all the time. What is this? It is not freedom.”

The partisan primary is August 9th.