Mandela Barnes hugging Gwen Moore at Sherman
Phoenix rally. (Photo/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning there were some remarkable wins and some heartbreaking losses. That’s just how democracy works. One thing for certain is the state of Wisconsin has turned purple.

Based on this election, Wisconsin has proved to be a very divided state. In some cases, voters split their tickets – meaning a person voted for candidates from different political parties, according to FOX6. “There were about 40,000 people who said, I’m going to vote for a Democrat for governor and a Republican for senate,” said Mordecai Lee, UW-Milwaukee Professor Emeritus.

Governor Tony Evers was successful in his bid for re-election to win a second term as governor.

“Holy mackerel folks, how about that?” Evers told supporters in Madison shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Gwen Moore wins re-election. (Photo/Wisconsin
Public Radio)

“And I’m jazzed as hell to tell you that on Jan. 3, 2023, I will still be the 46th governor of the great state of Wisconsin,” he added. “Perhaps most importantly, you showed up because you saw our democracy was on the brink of existence, and you decided to do a damn thing about it”.

The Associated Press was able to call the governor’s race for Evers early Wednesday. The Governor showed strength over Republican challenger Tim Michels even in the conservative Milwaukee suburbs.

Evers was leading Michels by 3 percentage points early Wednesday when Michels conceded the race, acknowledging he did not have a path to win.

After enduring months of an endless stream of polarizing political commercials and mailers, the people of Wisconsin had their voice heard.

In all, Evers and groups supporting him outspent Michels and his supporters by about $27 million, according to AdImpact Politics, which tracks TV advertising spending by major campaigns.

Governor Evers wins 2nd term defeating Republican
Tim Michels. (Photo/WUWM)
Josh Kaul wins re-election.
(Photo/Wisconsin Public Radio)

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson won re-election in the senate race to a third term narrowly defeating Democrat Mandela Barnes.

In an address to his supporters at Sherman Phoenix, Barnes said, “Now is not the time to tune out. It’s the time to double down and make sure Ron Johnson and every leader knows they answer to everyone in Wisconsin–not just those who voted for them.”

Other winners on Tuesday night were Josh Kaul who will remain Wisconsin’s attorney general after holding off a challenge from Republican Eric Toney and Gwen Moore handily won her Wisconsin District 4 House Seat against Republican Tim Rogers.

Throughout the country, the red wave that was predicted didn’t materialize.

Even though Republicans may yet win back the House, they did not dominate. The Senate remained too close to call early Wednesday morning.

Mandela Barnes addressing supporters at Sherman
Phoenix. (Photo/Wisconsin Examiner)

In Philadelphia, Democrat John Fedderman had a comeback from behind to win from Trump backed, TV celebrity Mehmet Oz. Turning a red seat blue.

In Georgia the contest between Democrat Raphael Warnick and Republican Herschel Walker will go to a runoff election on December 6. Neither candidate went to 50%.

Which party will control the Senate and House remains undecided as ballots from Tuesday’s midterm election continue to be counted across the country and close races are too early to call.

According to CNN, Arizona and Nevada Senate races take center stage, as Georgia’s contest heads to a runoff. Republicans need to pick off two Democratic seats to win the majority.